Our mission is to support and promote the orchestras, music directors and students through their musical journey in the Western Branch community.

2018-2019 Executive Board Members:


President: Melissa Lauster
Vice President: Open
Co-Treasurer: Steve Pelzel
Co-Treasurer: Ruma Patel
Secretary: Judy Coleman
Communications: Cynthia Odom
Plant Sales: Shauna England
Hospitality: Carol Ann Blair
Senior Banquet: Carol Ann Blair
Uniform Coordinator: Amy Gerber
Raffle Chairperson: Jen Butler
Denise and Tom Conter
Donna O’Prandy
Lisa Powers
WBMS Liaison: Jean Hawley
Jolliff Liaison: Pinky McCoy/Steve Pelzel
Member at Large: Open
Directors: Martin Glasco
Alice Glasco
Leah Rosenberg
Kirsten Rowe


Download the Board meeting minutes:

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